Founding partners

Guy Shaked, Founding Partner, co CEO.

Over 10 years of experience in the analysis and financial support of companies, and in identifying risks and opportunities in light of the micro and macro environment. Former owner and research director of Providence Capital Markets. As an investment manager and analyst, Guy has accumulated a proven performance record and stock picking expertise. As an attorney, Guy has represented and consulted on legal cases pertaining to securities and the capital markets.

Roy Meyer, Founding Partner, co CEO.

Financial entrepreneur and investment manager in a wide variety of channels, with an emphasis on geographical and sectoral diversity. Formerly responsible of new investment channel promotion at Midas Capital, an investment marketing company specializing in global investments on and off the capital market, with a strategic perspective regarding personally tailored asset management. Held several command positions during his 14 years of service in the Israeli Air Force.

Gadi Meyer, Founding Partner, Director.

Over 30 years of experience in global investments, asset allocation and strategic management in a wide variety of channels. Extensive experience in asset management for private clients, work vis-à-vis international funds, specializing in the evaluation and analysis of risks and opportunities in these sectors. Over the years, Gadi has cultivated a deep and broad network of contacts among fund managers,  private bankers and analysts around the world, and has performed transactions at scopes of hundreds of millions of USD. Considered an expert in the analysis and assessment of alternative assets.

Israel Shaked, Founding Partner, Director.

25 years of experience in financial consulting to companies in various sectors. Serves as a director on the boards of several companies. Held management positions in the banking and industrial sectors and served as CEO and CFO of public and private companies. Served as Lecturer of Economics at Tel Aviv University, The Open University and The College of Management Academic Studies, author of several university textbooks.”