Vision and Values

Magellan aims to serve as a model of an advanced, innovative investment house that connects its investors to financial success

In order to discover financial success for it’s investors, Magellan believes in a modus operandi  based on three main values: partnership, security and professionalism. This approach allows Magellan to create and offer it’s investors unique and attractive financial products through a variety of channels, under one experienced and reliable roof, with the aim of – creating financial success.

At Magellan, we believe in creating real partnerships with investors – Magellan’s partnership model ensures that the interests of the investment house and the interests of it’s investors are aligned. The elements of partnership and responsibility serve as Magellan’s guiding light through all of its business activities.

At Magellan, we are committed to working diligently and professionally in order to discover attractive investment opportunities for our investors, and to maximize their success and profits – At Magellan, the value of professionalism is reflected in our decades of experience and in our founders’ proven track record. Magellan’s ongoing success in managing transactions of various kinds, in addition to our  stable returns over time, reflect our ability to meet these challenges with great success.

Magellan  is committed to maximumising security for its investors – Magellan commits to maximum security and effectiveness by investing through a unique platform – “Anchor”.  All of our investments are supervised by leading accounting, trust and law firms, providing investors with full security and maximum cash flow effectiveness.