Magellan Alternative


The alternative investment partnership provides investors with access to a strategy with low volatility and minimum correlation to the traditional capital markets. The partnership will manage a globaly diversified portfolio of alternative investments strictly vetted with an in-depth understanding, knowledge and experience in alternative investment ecosystem.

The partnership provides a solution for suitable investors who are interested in generating attractive and stable returns, while avoiding the high level of volotility characteristic of the traditional capital markets.


Annual returns of 8% in USD terms.

Alternative Investments

The strategy has minimal correlation to the traditional financial markets which invest in stocks, bonds and cash. Alternative channels are traditionaly only available to financial institutions, pension funds and professional investors. For the most part, these entities invest 20-40% of their portfolios in alternative investments, as part of a long term financial approach. The underlying assets in these channels are generally real assets, and therefore, the capital risk accompanying the investment is significantly reduced.

Characteristics of the strategy:

  • Low volatility
  • Minimum correlation to traditional financial markets
  • Consistent and stable return on investment
  • Focus on reducing capital risk
  • Normally only accessible to institutional and proffesional investors

Investment Strategy

Management of a variety of alternative investments which have low correlation to each other. The partnership will only invest in products which meet the strict criteria defined by the investment managers. The partnership will invest in a variety of products, sectors and markets, including specialized property, trade finance, commodities, global credit and others. Emphasis will be placed on geographical, sectoral and currency diversification, in line with macro-economic conditions. Each investment performed by the partnership will be in products which have a proven track record and performance history, after performing in-depth and thorough due diligence. The investment manager will routinely monitor and analyze both existing and additional potential themes, sectors and alternative investment products which meet the criteria.

Discover the Added Value

  • Management team: Many years of experience and a proven track record with successful transactions in the alternative investment market. The deep network of contacts available to the Magellan team includes major global entities in the field, and includes an in-depth knowledge of the investment structure, enabling a precise analysis of risks and opportunities.
  • Unique product: These products primarily are the domain of institutional investors. The partnership provides accesability for private investors to a a manged, diversified and high-quality portfolio.
  • Unique partnership model – zero management fees: alligning the interests of partners and management
  • Proven and effective infrastructure: Our years of experience in the field have allowed us to create an active and effective infrastructure for performing transactions.
  • “Anchor” platform to ensure secure and effective investing – One of the most secure legal structures in the business, through partnerships with the leading law and accounting firms in Israel.

Partnership Terms and Details

  • Minimum investment: USD 150,000
  • Management fees: 0%
  • Success fees: 20% above the high water mark
  • Trustee: Raveh Ravid & Co.
  • Legal advisors: Herzog, Fox, Neeman
  • Auditors: Yaron Rotem, CPA
  • Liquidity: Quarterly, with exposure to product “gates”, relative to the investment in them.